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Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Welcome to my personal blog

Sunday 06/09/2020 – Day 175

A nice sunny morning so far, I’m thinking that I’ll do a few small jobs and then get on with a really lazy, laid back Sunday, after taking Mrs H her Latte in bed of course, feeling a bit better than yesterday but still aching on the top half of my body, my arms and especially the left one seem to be the worst affected, oh well, onwards and upwards.

I have to report that Mrs H and myself are certainly living life in the fast lane, last night we ordered fish and chips online using a thing called appy grabs, really wonderful – until we let ourselves down badly by drinking a bottle of plonk with them. We not only let ourselves down but our diet as well, so uncouth, I mean, is it ok to have fish and chips now and then? Answers on a post card please. Talking about diets, to help my diet along I actually did a push up today, well I fell down to be exact, but I had to use my hands to push myself back up – as Tesco’s say – every little helps.

So anyway, Mrs H did a spectacular roast chicken lunch accompanied with a half glass of wine (I know, the diet) to wash it down, I was just about to settle down for my afternoon catnap (I had already been up 9 hours at this stage) when Mrs H suggested that we go out for a walk. I looked into her eyes with my best ‘You cannot be serious’ John McEnroe stare, but sadly she wasn’t joking, within minutes we were donning coats as it looked like it could rain at any moment. We had planned a route which wouldn’t take it out of us on our first jaunt since lockdown - actually, let’s be honest about this, it was our first jaunt for years. Within minutes we were at the point where we should have turned the corner and headed back toward home, which would take perhaps a further ten minutes walking.

But then the dreaded male ego reared its ugly head!

“Shall we go right instead of left?” I uttered bravely, expecting Mrs H to say no.

“Ok” she said, (I’m sure I caught the start of a smile on her face).

We turned right and headed off on what would eventually be three times the walk we had originally intended, Mrs H kept asking if I was ok and did I want to turn around and go back, but I suspect it was she who was completely knackered, and I, being just as stubborn kept saying I was fine – which, I hasten to add, I was not. Fortunately, we only met one family and two couples who all gave us a wide berth, we continued on our journey as I sniffed my armpits – just wondering lol!

By the time we got back in the house we had covered almost five miles, I went straight outside and did fourty press ups. Actually I dreamt that scenario as I flopped into a chair and had my long overdue siesta.

After a lovely 40,000 winks I turned on my laptop and went to my mail which is supplied by AOL, I read the headline ‘ National emergency declared as gangs met in the early hours of Sunday morning in Birmingham, multiple stabbings’. I continued to read as the city is only 18 miles from where I lived, they had eye-witness reports of gangs of youths attacking each other, shirts were torn off backs and jewellry? was flying everywhere.

The report went on to say that racist slurs were heard being exchanged.

You may well be thinking, ‘Why do we need to know all this’, Well, at 6.00pm I turned on the news, the main item was about the stabbings, and it said that one man had walked through the streets of the city between 12.30 am and 2.30am randomly stabbing anyone who passed him, one poor soul was killed on the spot. The assailant is still on the run.

My point is, why are news people like AOL allowed to get away with sensationalising reports in the way that they do, they are an American company and should not be ‘guessing’ or ‘making up’ stuff that is happening here. Our thoughts are with all the victims and their families.

I don’t normally like reporting the news on here but another really important item was that the daily new coronavirus cases had doubled in 24 hours to just below 3000, if you followed my blog last week you would have seen this coming, Youngsters and teens are being blamed for not caring or bothering, but while the TV crew were filming in the street there were lots of people from all ages strolling past without a mask.

Monday 07/09/2020 – Day 176

Here we are at the start of our 26th week, can you believe it is six months since I last showed this handsome profile at Screwfix where I work. In all fairness, they have been excellent toward me, very caring and understanding to date.

My aches and pains have all gone, with the exception of my left arm and especially the elbow, Mrs H suggested I may have tennis elbow, but I’ve never played tennis in my life!

As I said previously, Mrs H does not like Monday mornings, whereas I do and always have.

Cast your mind back to your childhood Mondays, the previous night mother would have made sure you’d had your ‘weekly’ bath, in our house I was always about fourth in line, so the water would be very cloudy and just about tepid, then – when I was very young – mum would lift me out of the bath and wrap me in a lovely soft and fluffy towel, Strange isn’t it, we never had much but there was always an airing-cupboard full of lovely clean and fluffy towels. Probably because they weren’t used much in the week lol.

Anyway, I digress, she would then take us downstairs to sit in front of a lovely roaring fire, trust me, after leaving a cold bath and walking down even colder stairs it was sheer bliss, believe me. One of my elder siblings would then get the three pronged well blackened toasting fork from the side of the grate and toast big ‘doorsteps’ of freshly cut bread, this would be smothered with lashings of margarine, no butter in our house because no-one liked it.

Then, come Monday morning, a nice new crisp shirt, My mum would put her hand up my short trousers (no-one wore long trousers until they were about 11 years old) and pull the long shirt down, it was long because it had once belonged to my elder brother, but in those days you would grow into such things.

Then the magic handkerchief would appear from the apron pocket, It didn’t matter that you’d had a bath the previous night, there was always a stubborn bit of ground in dirt on your face or knees, this would be removed quite easily with a lick of the magic handkerchief and a ferocious rub.

After a final inspection it was off to school to meet all those mates you hadn’t seen since last Friday at 3.30pm.

Yes, I loved Mondays and still do, to this day.

Today I have to don the painting clothes, there are so many places that either need finishing or are in need of a re-coat, including Mrs H’s greenhouse - which, as you may gather - is wooden.

Glad to say that the assailant who casually walked through the streets of Birmingham on Sunday morning has been arrested.

At 4.30 sharp Mrs H and I were off around the block, so to speak, we didn’t walk as far as yesterday but it was almost the same, I reckon we did about three and a half miles in 45 minutes, not bad for a couple of novice pensioners eh!

The news at six was a bit frightening again, new cases of almost three thousand were reported for the second day in a row, thankfully there were only three deaths but still 3 families left in sheer hell.

Tuesday 08/09/2020 – Day 177

Yesterday didn’t pan out as it should have, I had every intention of painting but the skies were a bit dark, So I spent a few hours tidying the garden paths up which – strangely enough – I had been saving for a rainy day, This entailed the removal of all the moss and re-sanding the joints in the blockwork down the path

Later, I was sat in the downstairs loo (posh eh!) doing what comes naturally - the sudoku puzzle actually - when I looked up at the door and saw the shadow of a rather large spider, I looked around and came face to face with the brute as he was about to land on my shoulder, I whacked it away but didn’t see where it went, Anyone who said out of sight - out of mind hasn’t lost a big hairy spider in a confined space!

After vacating the loo in haste, before hairy Harry returned with some of his mates, I gathered all my brushes and paint together and set of down the newly coated garden path to freshen up Mrs H’s greenhouse. The door had been very stiff for quite a while, probably due to the very thick coating of brown rust on the bottom hinge, which promptly snapped as I forced the door back, luckily I had a spare which was replaced in a matter of minutes.

We had every intention of going for an evening stroll after tea, but our Grandson (bigger one) was playing in a floodlit football match at 8.00pm so it was off up to watch him, well, that was the plan, but Mrs H was a bit worried about driving in the dark after so long, there were half a dozen other family members going so it wasn’t too bad,

Once again, the news was littered with despondency, new cases were once more at 2460 but more frighteningly, deaths had risen to 32, Most government scientists are ‘gravely concerned’ with the way things are going, with good reason.

Wednesday 09/09/2020 - 178

It’s a fine sunny day here in downtown Kidderminster in the heart of Worcestershire, can you tell that I always wanted to be a DJ? Well, it really is sunny, and the forecast is good for the next few days.

The good news is that the Grandsons (bigger one) team won 2-1 in last night’s match, even though he was tackled badly and flew through the air.

We didn’t go for our evening constitutional last night and my legs were really aching, how strange is that!

The day was spent mowing, trimming and pruning and we still hadn’t finished, we had loads of pears but apart from the neighbours n0-one really wants them, what a waste, they are currently in the kitchen in all different size bowls, let’s hope they don’t all ripen together eh lol!

Have finally given up the ghost with that rubbish Flymo lawnmower, it took three times longer to tidy up after mowing, it just blows everywhere, it doesn’t cut the edges and I’m looking for someone - who I don’t particularly like – to sell it to. Other than that, the son in law can add it to his collection.

I have just ordered the same machine that I had two lawnmowers ago, which was the best I ever had, it was a Bosch and I don’t normally like buying foreign goods but needs must and my sanity must be maintained, besides the fact that it was cheaper than I paid for the crappy Flymo.

George popped around this morning, looking very worried, he thinks it’s his new girlfriend Rose’s birthday but he’s not sure

“Didn’t you ask her when you met?” I enquired

“In my experience of women “, he replied, “Asking a woman her age is the equivalent of whether to cut the red, green or black wire to defuse a bomb”

Trying to change the subject I asked how his son Colin was coping with married life,

“He’s been hanging out in the Gym”, he said, “Apparently, they’ve advised him to get longer shorts, before he returns, like father like son”.

Boris and co were on the BBC at 4.00pm to give an update on the current crisis, which seems to be getting worse on a daily basis, the upshot is of course that we are now back to where we were in April, let’s all hope and pray that what happened in June doesn’t also re-occur. We are all now restricted to six in a household and outside.

Scientists and health professionals have raised doubts about Prime Minister Boris’s "Operation Moonshot" plan for mass coronavirus testing.

The PM hopes millions of Covid-19 tests - including some giving results within minutes - could be processed daily.

But experts say there are issues with laboratory capacity for current tests, while the technology for more rapid tests "does not, as yet, exist".

The British Medical Journal says leaked memos show the plan could cost £100bn.

Today, a further 2659 new cases were logged, this brings the seven day national average up to 2363 a 50% increase on one week ago, there were also a further 8 deaths announced.

Thursday 10/09/2020 - Day – 179

I was up at 5.45am this morning, it is now 11.00am and I am still in my dressing gown, I am turning into a lazy slob before your eyes!

I have to confess that I have made another monumental mistake, If you recall I ordered a bench about 6 weeks ago and received a pair of sunglasses, it was from a scam company in China, but I did eventually get my money back as I paid with Paypal.

Well, I was online the other day and saw a metal jig that would take out a lot of pain in furniture making, so, I naturally ordered it didn’t I, then as soon as I had paid through Paypal. those dreaded Chinese signs came up, they have since e mailed and said that the item has been despatched and will be with me in 7 – 15 days, have I done it again, watch this space.

Today is my second eldest daughter’s birthday, the lovely Sarah is coming round later for one of those lunches that you have delivered in, she will also be accompanied by the also lovely Granddaughter Mollie. Sadly, they have to leave the little pooch Brucie at home as he tears up Mrs H’s garden. If I had a dog I’d call him five miles, so I could tell everyone I walked five miles every day.

George called round on his way back from his flu jab at the doctor’s, the nurse was complimenting him on how fit and healthy he looked (so he says), Trying to impress the young lady he told her that he was quite sporty ha ha, she asked “Are you involved in any Dangerous sports?” he replied “ No, but I sometimes argue with the girlfriend”.

That man doesn’t help himself!

So, the afternoon tea with Sarah and Mollie went really well and we all indulged, problem was that one of us had forgotten that we had been on a diet for two weeks or more, the one who forgot over-indulged and felt quite bilious as he lay in the bed on the night – never again, My mum used to say ‘Your eyes are bigger than your belly’, many a true word!

My dear old neighbour has finally had the rest of the fallen tree removed from his lawn, and to be quite honest – with the exception of the small stump – you wouldn’t know that there was ever a tree there.

Another jump in the infected figures to 2919 and a further 12 deaths, the seven day average is now up to 11.

Friday 11/09/2020 – Day 180

Well here we are at the maximum score in Darts, 180 days is a long time and I’m sorry to say that it looks as though you are going to be stuck with me for a lot longer yet, you poor things.

No need for any reminders of what 9/11 means in World history, this was the day when one of the worst atrocities in the World was carried out by cowards. The hijacked Flight 11 was crashed into floors 93 to 99 of the North Tower (1 WTC) at 8:46 a.m. The hijacked Flight 175 struck floors 77 to 85 of the South Tower (2 WTC) 17 minutes later at 9:03 a.m. When the towers were struck, between 16,400 and 18,000 people were in the WTC complex. Of those, the vast majority evacuated safely. As they rushed out, first responders rushed in trying to save those still trapped or injured.

The fires from the impacts were intensified by the planes’ burning jet fuel. They weakened the steel support trusses, which attached each of the floors to the buildings’ exterior walls. Along with the initial damage to the buildings’ structural columns, this ultimately caused both towers to collapse. The five other buildings in the WTC complex were also destroyed because of damage sustained when the Twin Towers fell.

The collapse of the buildings left the site devastated. Thousands of volunteers came to Ground Zero to help with the rescue, recovery, and clean-up efforts, and on May 30, 2002, the last piece of WTC steel was ceremonially removed.

2977 souls had lost their lives on that day 19 years ago.

We had a walk around to the daughters house (about 2 mile) to wish the son in law Gary a very happy birthday, I had a sit down for a few minutes in the back garden, just to be hospitable of course, not to recuperate as was suggested, then I was offered a beer, very tempting, problem was – I have got to the stage where one drink and I need a loo within easy distance, so I politely declined.

Another massive shock in the daily figures today, there was arise of over 600 on yesterdays figures with the total being 3539 and deaths totalling 6.

Saturday 12/09/2020 – Day 181

A lovely sunny morning today, I will be in the Repair shop later for a bit of a tidy up, my tools seem to be all over the place, having said that in My humble opinion, you only need two tools in life, WD40 and Duct tape, if it doesn’t move and should use WD40, if it moves and shouldn’t use Duct tape, there you go, another snippet from the useless information department.

Finally finished off all the painting with the exception of the pond area and Mrs H’s greenhouse, the pond area is only a five minute job, but the greenhouse and surrounds are going to take most of next week, which, here in the Midlands have promised to be quite warm.

I have to ask. do you believe in Ghosts? The reason I ask is that 60 years ago today we were staying at our Grans house while Mum was taken to hospital to have her tenth child, up until now she had given birth to nine children at home, but things were moving fast in the late fifties and early sixties and as it was her tenth child they wouldn’t allow her to have it at home.

So, as I said we (my two brother and myself) were shipped off to my Nan’s house two miles away, it was heaven there, we were spoiled rotten, I would have been eight years old and my main memory was my Gran - on the first teatime – bringing a plate of homemade egg and chips in to the table where we were sat, we all took a chip and my Gran asked what we were doing, and why we were we eating off one plate, we were to young to understand, we were used to sharing or arguing over what our dad had left, so imagine our surprise when she left the room and returned with a further two plates of egg and chips!

On the night the three of us slept in a massive bed which I suspect was my Grans emergency bed when Granddad had a drop to drink and was snoring. It was – or seemed like – a bed you could drown in, Goose feather pillows, and eiderdown that made a crackling noise when you moved, The headboard was about five feet high and six feet wide, in fact, the bed that John Wayne carries across the stream in the film ‘The Quiet Man’ always reminds me of it.

I was always a bit restless when in a strange place, in the middle of the night I was woken by something pulling the bed clothes, thinking it was my little brothers I ignored it and snuggled down, then I realised that the tugging was coming from the bottom of the bed – and we were all at the top!

I plucked up the courage to have a peep, I got my head from under the bedclothes and saw a woman standing there with a horrible grin on her face, I was dumbstruck for what seemed like an age, then I let out an almighty scream, by the time gran had come into the room I was sobbing and hysterical, she calmed me down and said I was having a nightmare.

But the next morning at breakfast she could tell that I was still uneasy about the night’s events, she started to ask me questions, like, what did this lady look like, what was she wearing etc, I explained what I had seen and I saw the colour drain from Gran’s face, no more was said about the matter, but that evening I had been down the shop and come back in through the back door when I heard Gran talking to Granddad:

“I’m telling you Albert, he described her perfectly, even the clothes we had her buried in”

“Don’t be silly woman” said Granddad laughing, “There’s no such things as Ghosts, and I can’t see your Mother making it back here with her bad legs”

So, do you believe in Ghosts, I do, and have done since that night I saw my Great Grandmother at the foot of the bed.

In 1972 Mrs H and I went to see the ‘Excorcist’ at the local fleapit, it scared the hell out of me lol.

Once again there was 3497 new cases reported in 24 hours, also a further 9 deaths, it is not looking good with warm weather forecast in the coming week.

Sunday 06/09/2020 – Day 182

Up with the lark this morning, the sun was streaming through the window at 6.00am and all was well with the world, went downstairs for my four Weetabix and there was no milk, which meant a trip down the shed to the other fridge – in my dressing gown! Good job we’ve got understanding neighbours, I was soon tucking into my regular breakfast.

Talking of breakfast, apparently, there is a new Orange Juice being marketed today, it is called CEX, (pronounced sex). The new information leaflet says Cex is marvellous, it boosts the immune system and keeps you slim because of its unique formula. The leaflet goes on to say that Cex is good for you at any time of the day, you can have Cex for lunch or for supper but morning is said to be the best time, it could be good during the night also, So always remember to have Cex on the breakfast table it will guarantee a great start to the day, If you go on holiday don’t forget your Cex. Please order Cex from your milkman as soon as possible, He will be pleased to deliver, if not Cex is available at your local supermarket, just ask any colleague where you can get it. Cex will turn you around and leave you feeling wonderful. Once started finish Cex as soon as possible, we are sure that you will enjoy it!

On this day in 1902 the first conviction in Britain using fingerprints as evidence was in the case against Harry Jackson by the Metropolitan Police at the Old Bailey. He had left his thumbprint in wet paint on a windowsill and was tracked down through it. On 27 June 1902 a burglary occurred in a house in Denmark Hill, London, and some billiard balls were stolen. The investigating officer noticed a number of fingerprints on a freshly painted windowsill, apparently where the burglar made his entry. He was sentenced to seven years. Number 1. I can’t believe he got 7 years for stealing billiard balls, and Number 2, I am wondering now if this is the reason that they put ‘wet paint’ notices up when re-decorating.

Also, on this day stiff pilchard Cliff Richard made his debut appearance on Jack Goodes ‘Oh Boy’ Tv programme singing ‘Move it’, this was later covered by a bunch of chimpanzees on a Tv advert for PG tips, under the guise of Mr Shifter and ‘Here Dad, do you know the piano’s on my foot?,’ I’ll let you finish that one off.

While you ponder the above I am off outside to paint the area around my fish pond, I daresay I will have someone watching me with their mouth open and watching me all the time, No, dear reader, not Mrs H but Jaws, my Koi Carp who has the ability to outstare any living being on earth.

So, I am outside in my back garden doing the painting when all hell breaks loose a mile or so away, I have no idea what was going on but all I could hear forten minutes were sirens of all types, I don’t know why, but we seem to hear a lot more sirens on a weekend than in the week. George confided to me one day that it was the ‘weekend coppers’, he reckons that when the regulars go off duty on a Friday afternoon the part-timers take over, and they love a siren. I don’t believe him for one minute of course – but there are a lot of sirens on a weekend.

New coronavirus cases are slightly down but still well over three thousand at 3330, it was reported on the news that police were overwhelmed by the number of parties and raves taking place last night nationwide. There were 5 further deaths.

Monday 14/09/2020 – Day 183.

Well here we are entering our 27th week together, (except for all you late arrivals of course – but, you are all very welcome lol) The sun is already blazing at 5,45 am but it must be quite chilly as the central heating has just fired up.

Mrs H rose about 7.45 and was keen to get outside, I did explain to her that it was still quite cold yet bless her, but if I had to name her after a variety of flower it would have to be – now what am I looking for – not rose, got it! It would have to be impatiens because that little lady of mine is full of it. She will look at a plant online and say that it’s too small, she needs instant garden growth, three of the ‘plants’ that we bought a couple of years back were ‘too small’ but it’s just cost me £200 to get a chap to cut em down! I am trying really hard to learn the different types of plants in our garden, but Mrs H moves them so often that I’m really very confused

Now, regular readers will recall that about 24 weeks ago we had a little visitor, I was sat upstairs at my computer gently tapping away at the keys, when I heard Mrs H scream,

“Quick, get down here”.

Thinking that the Russians had invaded or worse still, Donald Trump had invited himself round for tea, I bolted down the stairs to find out what all the chaos was about, I found Mrs H curled up on the backroom sofa – trembling.

“I’ve just seen a mouse come through the back door” she said with a quivering tremble in her voice.

Resisting the temptation to ask if it was carrying a suitcase I asked where it had gone.

“in the laundry room”.

Well, at least it was a clean mouse, I had a quick look around, nothing, but just to show a bit of sympathy I went to the repair shop and fetched two traps, I set them and shut the laundry room door.

An hour later Mrs H was watching her compliment of soaps (which are now back on a regular basis, beam me up Scotty) on the bed, she absolutely refused to stay downstairs with Minnie or Mickie (or both, they usually hang around in pairs)when she asked me if I fancied a cup of tea, Me - being the gentleman that I am – offered to go and make it, whilst down their I opened the laundry room door just to check on the traps, they were empty!, I don’t mean there wasn’t a mouse in them, I mean the little chap had been in – eaten what was in there and made a sharp exit – without setting off the traps, I mean, I could understand one being empty, but both!, I either need to get some new traps or, I am dealing with the son of super-mouse from 24 weeks ago, watch this space.

Thankfully the new cases were down quite heftily today, but then, we are into weekend figures, the new case figure was 2621 while deaths in the past 24 hours were slightly higher from yesterday with a total of nine.

Tuesday 15/09/2020 – Day 184

Another sweltering day on the way for today.

In 1752 the 3rd of September became the 14th as the Gregorian Calendar was introduced into Britain. Crowds of people rioted on the streets demanding, 'Give us back our 11 days.' I think they got away quite lightly we want the whole of 2020 back!

Mrs H and I have got fed up with paying out for signs, you know the ones, things like ‘Trespassers will be composted’ to hang near the greenhouse, over the years and because of Mrs H’s obsession with these signs(they are hanging off every available door handle in the house, every available space on the wall) we have paid out a small fortune. So, I am supposed to be a writer, I have lots of bits of wood lying around, I thought, why not make my own. We ordered some ready made letters of the t’internet (less than £4 for 60+) and we were on the way, I have made up a few sayings which cannot be bought anywhere and I am making the signs right now, (well, not right now, I am typing).

George popped around while I was in the back garden, he’s not a happy bunny, apparently his partner Rose hasn’t spoken to him for two days, it seems that after he almost worried himself into an early grave last Wednesday because he thought it was her birthday, it turned out that it was on Saturday, Rose got out of bed full of the joys of Spring, dropping hints at George who had drank more than his share in the local club the night before, any normal man would have realised after two hours of hints, but we’re talking George here, he was on TV in the sixties quite a lot, it was called interference, anyway, to cut a long story short he is well and truly in the doghouse, he has been living on skinheads on rafts (beans on toast) and jam butties since Saturday as Rose refuses to cook for him.

He got no sympathy from Mrs H either, she looked at the two-day stubble on his chin and casually asked if Rose had locked his razors away as well.

Well. I have no idea what’s happening on the Mickie and Minnie situation, I left 2 traps in the laundry room last night, I had reason to go down around 11.00pm and just checked while I was there – the traps were empty. There are 2 possible reasons here, 1. The cheeky little bugger got shut in the laundry room and thought he would make the best of a bad situation by eating the contents of the trap and getting a free meal. 2. The traps no longer work!

Anyway, I reloaded the traps and went to bed, watch this space!

Sadly a substantial jump in new deaths today, they went up to 27, that’s 27 families who are going to have a miserable and sad Christmas, our hearts go out to all those families. The new case total once again passed the 3000 mark up to 3105.

Wednesday 16/09/2020 – Day 185

Woke up to the sound of Marc Bolan and T rex singing the classic ‘Ride a White Swan’. 29-year-old former singer Marc was killed on this day in 1977 when the car driven by his girlfriend, Gloria Jones, left the road and hit a tree in Barnes, London.

The couple were on the way to Bolan’s home in Richmond after a night out at a Mayfair restaurant. A local man who witnessed the crash said, “When I arrived a girl was lying on the bonnet and a man with long dark curly hair was stretched out in the road; there was a hell of a mess”.

Marc had become a huge star in the UK, and at some time in the early to mid-’70s, he was probably the ‘biggest’ pop star we had. He achieved that rare thing — he had a massive teenybopper audience, yet secretly the cool guys appreciated how good he really was.

I can’t believe this weather, another gloriously sunny day here in Kidderminster, certainly trying to make up for the rubbish Summer we had.

Checked the traps again this morning, nothing happening, food still intact and no sign of activity, it seems that Minnie/Mickie was an opportunist thief and did actually sneak in through the back door where Mrs H first saw it. However, for Mrs H’s sanity I will leave them down a little longer, and another little mouse will live to pop back in the coming Winter months.

If there’s an increase in Covid 19 cases because there has been an increase in testing, I’m wondering now that if there was an increase in IQ testing – would there be an increase in idiots?

Apparently on this day 1915 The opening of Britain’s first Women’s Institute happened, (regularly referred to as simply the WI) it was opened at Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Anglesey, Wales. Its two aims were to revitalise rural communities and to encourage women to become more involved in producing food during the First World War. It is now the largest women’s voluntary organisation in the UK.

I reckon they chose this name in case the hubby asked his wife where she was off to ‘at this time of night’, it would also have served to stop any protestations as most politicians couldn’t spell or pronounce it.

Also on this day 2002 the world's first self - cleaning glass was launched after being developed by scientists at the leading glass company of Pilkington's in St Helens. The water used was apparently supplied from the tears of window cleaners!

Enough of this light banter, it is now 11.00 am and I am still in my dressing gown, this is all thanks to Mrs H who cannot sleep in hot weather, we are staying up until 1.30 am watching TV, it was almost 8.00 am when I rolled this old body out of bed.

I am off outside to finish my signs.

Well, what can I say, Mrs H is over the moon with my new-fangled signs made up with bits of old wood and left-over paint, another feather in my cap!

Bit of a horrendous results in the coronavirus results today, the total of new cases was just nine shy of 4000 at 3991, there was also a further 20 deaths, the thing is that a lot of people cannot even get tested, so what is the real figure? Scary.

Thursday 17/09/2020 – Day 186

Here we are safely at Thursday, there is a popular saying that we seemed to have acquired from the good old USA, ‘Over the Hump’ means that we are past the middle of the week and on our way to the weekend, I don’t particularly like the saying it is a proper ‘Americanism’, besides the fact that after 26 weeks of isolation the weekend doesn’t really exist, all the days seem to roll into one!

I have had orders from the family for new signs the thing is, should I charge? Just asking for a friend. Meanwhile Mrs H is expecting her delivery of stuff after spending a considerable amount on Winter clothing, It is only a matter of six weeks when she spent another ‘considerable sum’ on clothing, when I reminded her about that she replied, “Oh, that was Summer clothing”. I fail to understand why you would buy Summer clothing in the middle of a particularly poor Summer, answers on a postcard please.

Ok. I’m getting paranoid with this mouse situation now, I have even started wondering if they were sticking, so I touched it with my finger - took me ages to find the plasters!

Rumours are rife on todays radio news bulletins that the Government are considering a National two week lockdown in order to bring under control what is being described as ‘the second wave’.

There is no sign of my new gadget that will allow me to drill holes precisely in wood, I ordered it over two weeks ago this is an email I received today.

Hi eric,

Thank you very much for your patience these days. Your patience has given us a great encouragement. Your order will arrive soon (7-15 working days),

If you feel like you've had a great time shopping,I hope you'll leave a good comment when you receive the Facebook questionnaire.If you have any dissatisfaction during the whole process, please feel free to contact us through email [hotcasing@detailcg.com].It is our honor to solve the problem for you. Your valuable advice is our driving force.Sincerely look forward to your next visit.

May you have a wonderful time every day.

I’m no expert but isn’t that the worst email you have ever read, it is terrible English, I mean, who says ‘Thank you very much for your patience these days.’ And apparently ‘my patience has given them great encouragement’ I’m really over the moon about giving them this vast amount of encouragement – but where’s my tool? And finally, they wish me a wonderful time every day, this conjures up images of some kid in best designer gear on the backstreets of Beijing tapping out these emails with great gusto on the latest hi-tech computer and raking in hundreds of thousands of people’s money’,

I think I may have just had my second Chinese takeaway!

‘’When Covid 19 is over’ is starting to sound a bit like ‘When I win the lottery’!

New cases were well in excess of three thousand at 3395, new deaths were once again quite high at 21 despite the Governments attempts at ‘fudging the figures’ to keep them low.

Friday 18/09/2020 – Day 187

Yet another sunny day! So, it seems we are having a bit of an Indian Summer. Today I have decided that I should pick the last of the conference pears after one badly rotted pear narrowly missed Mrs H as she entered her greenhouse, oh dear, never mind eh!

Yesterday was spent re-painting a section of decking around the pond, I had only done it once in the Spring with some very cheap paint, today I will attempt to clean the glass on the Summer house, a bit of a daunting task considering it hasn’t been cleaned since I erected it 6 months ago!

I don’t know about you but I have always loved Fridays since my childhood, It was the end of the school week and we were allowed to stay out later and even stay up later, all week we would have to lie in bed at 7.00pm with blackouts up to the window to stop the evening sun blazing in, but it didn’t stop the screams of glee coming from the other kids in the street outside.

But Fridays were great, we would play in the street till about 8.00pm in the Summer of the late fifties, two men would go around the estate with a horse and cart loaded up with one hundred weight bags of coal, if my mum bought any off them she would stand at the door of the outdoor coalhouse puffing on an embassy cigarette and counting the bags, as soon as they were down the entry she would poke her head in the coalhouse checking for excessive slack or even stones!

Another regular on a Friday was the milkman, this would be his opportunity to catch some of those who hadn’t left the money on the doorstep, (yes, they could do that in those days). Another favourite was the Fruit and Veg chap, he had a shop in town but to supplement his income he would deliver in a van on Friday, his old green van would be full of the basics, potatoes, vegetables, fruit of all types.

There was only one young chap in our street who owned a car, he had an old Riley, one of those with running boards along the doors, he would invite us to jump on when he was turning around, he later became the milkman that I helped out on a weekend’

The other Friday evening visitor was the lad from the grocery shop around the corner, he had a bike with a large wicker basket on the front which carried the groceries to customers, a job I would do a few years later.

At 8.00pm we would have to go in, but it wasn’t too bad, we were allowed to watch an hour of TV before bed, It would be something like Bonanza, Rawhide or Wagon train, it was sheer bliss Friday night as a child.

I was born to be wild, but only till 8.30 – maybe 9.00 tops!

I’m not going to bother to turn my clock back on the 25th October, who needs an extra bloody hour of 2020!

The 6.00pm news on BBC was a bit dire today, Boris Johnson said "There's no question, as I've said for several weeks now, that we could expect (and) are now seeing a second wave coming in," he told reporters during a visit to the Vaccines Manufacturing Innovation Centre construction site near Oxford.

"We are seeing it in France, in Spain, across Europe – it has been absolutely, I'm afraid, inevitable we were going to see it in this country."

The new cases had increased by almost a 1000 on yesterday’s figures, todays were 4324 with another 27 deaths.

Saturday 18/09/2020 – Day 188

Forgot to tell you about the big weigh in on Thursday, Mrs H weighed in at one pound less and I lost another two pounds, I have mow shed exactly 8 pounds since I started, just need to lose another 8 now. Of course when the kids were at home no-one put weight on when Mrs H cooked, they named the kitchen Area 51, because of the UFO’s – Unidentified Frying Objects!

Not sure how many of you have an Alexa, there are concerns being bandied about that these devices are listening in to our conversations, if you are thinking of investing in one get the male version called Alex – it doesn’t listen to anything apparently!

Had to order two more new mouse traps today, still unsure about the existing ones working properly, the mice are leaving notes asking for stronger cheese!

Today in 1839 was the Birth of George Cadbury, the chocolate manufacturer. A Quaker, he believed in taking care of the welfare of his workforce, and he created a model village for his employees at Bournville, Birmingham, but they weren’t very grateful – they ate it!

Also o this day 1879 The famous illuminations in Blackpool were switched on for the first time, a month before electricity was generally available in London. The first display was known as 'Artificial sunshine' and consisted of just eight Arc lamps which bathed the Promenade. I was just wondering how many made the long trek to see those eight lights lol!

All the new rules came into force this week, of course if you’re really desperate to have a party with the rule of six being the law, you could always have a ‘Police themed’ party then your neighbours will think you’ve already been grassed up lol!

On a more serious note, the number of new cases was up as high as in May earlier this year, there were 4422 new cases and a further 27 deaths, and yet still, news today is about arrests of protestors and parties being broken up all over the country, will they never learn?

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