• harveyvickie

The Smell of Christmas

I love the smell of Christmas past

On stir up day when coins were cast,

into the pudding bowl so vast

on a cold November, overcast.

Rolling white icing for the cake

The mince pies Granny used to make

Hot chestnuts over coals we’d rake

Mum working till her poor back ached.

The smell of pine on new-felled tree

The smell of smoke from the chimney,

A snowball or a Cherry B

Mulled wine for mum and pop for me.

The gingerbread smelled oh so nice

Sweet and buttery full of spice.

Chocolate coins, chocolate mice

And Quality street to entice.

Oranges had a Christmas smell

Bananas, apples, nuts as well,

Blancmange on windowsill to gel

The rabbit jelly looking swell.

Sprouts in the pot – bubbling away

Hot turkey roasting in a tray,

I don’t care what the others say

I love the smell of Christmas day.

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