• harveyvickie

The Christmas Stocking

Children everywhere tonight

Are lay awake – the little imps,

They hide beneath the bedcovers

Hoping to catch a glimpse.

The minutes and the hours tick by

Their eyes heavy, they want to peep,

As exhaustion overtakes them

They drop off gently to sleep.

Young eyes burst open it’s still dark

Too dark to tell if he had been,

They see the stocking hanging there

The fattest contents ever seen!

Grabbing the stocking hastily

An apple rolls across the floor,

It seems like only seconds till

That apple’s no more than a core.

An orange is put to one side

For greater treasures lie within.

A yo-yo and a pair of gloves

And al ittle soldier made of tin.

Close to the bottom – Christmas nuts

Chocolate sweets to entice,

Two shiny brand-new pennies

And a pair of sugar mice.

They’ll gorge themselves until quite sick

From the best stocking ever had,

Now just one thing remains to do

To go and jump on mum and dad.

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