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The Christmas Rebellion

Santa’s not very happy

his reindeer are out on strike

He went to the stable to make them able

but they told him ‘On your bike’.

“What’s wrong?” asked Santa nicely

“I’ve fed you all year long,

and now you say no, that you won’t go

what on earth could be wrong?”

“Wrong?” cried Dasher and Dancer

taking poor Santa to task,

“The problem is as simple as this

you want us to wear a mask”.

“My sinuses are playing up”,

said Vixen from the rear,

“If I can’t breathe on Christmas eve

how will I cope Santa dear”.

Comet and Cupid were neutral

they didn’t mind either way,

They were quite happy and wanted to be

pulling dear Santa’s sleigh.

But Donner was quite outraged

and Blitzen was fuming too!

“Wearing a mask is too much to ask

you just haven’t thought this through.”

“Children won’t know who we are”

Prancer piped up from the back,

“As for this spell, you may as well

put poor Rudolph at the back”.

“She’s right” said Rudolph sadly

“What about when it snows

How will you know which way to go?

If you cover up my nose.”

“But we must protect the children”

said Santa quite put out,

“How can we be sure, the air is pure

if there’s no mask upon your snout”.

Reluctantly, they all agreed

to wear the masks for the kids,

But flying blind wasn’t so kind

there were accidents and skids.

It took a lot longer to get around

but they went to every household,

Leaving presents to all, they had a ball

and their noses were never cold.

So kids, if the reindeer can do it

be safe is all that we ask,

Seeing Gran or Granddad you’ll be glad

you kept them safe, wearing your mask.

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