• harveyvickie

Nancy Green

Nancy Green was but a young girl, of nineteen years, all did adore. Upon her forehead dark kiss curl beneath the bonnet that she wore.

She lived with parents on a farm, upon the Squires own private land, She brimmed with eloquence and charm yet no ring was there upon her hand.

The squires son was no Godly fan, took snuff, drank wine, binged and swore, He thought himself a ladies man but ladies thought the man a bore.

Perchance whilst riding out alone, he happened on young Nancy Green, His flesh it shivered to the bone at prettiest green eyes ever seen.

Stepping down from his sturdy steed, he attempted to kiss Nancy's cheek, His self importance so to feed, did not give Nancy chance to speak.

'You take advantage sir, you do, we have not yet been introduced' His confidence just grew and grew her backside he playfully goosed.

His breath it reeked of old stale wine, as he pulled her to his heaving chest, 'Come to my house and we will dine come with me now I'll give my best'

She took a hatpin from her bonnet, and plunged it deep toward his heart, She pulled it out with blood upon it, toward his horse the man did dart.

'I'll see you hang for that you bitch' she took the pin her mother bought her, With one quick move, hardly a twitch, pushed it into horse hindquarter.

The poor horse startled, flew away, its rider holding on to nought, The steed it snorted and did neigh, as things were getting rather fraught.

The hedge appeared before he saw, the steed it stopped exactly there, Through the air the man did soar, and left behind once sturdy mare.

At his funeral no one cared, the man had found his own true space, Into the grave those green eyes stared, a smile appeared upon her face.

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