• harveyvickie

Missing You

I had a dream the other night, You came to me bearing a light, I felt the warmth upon my cheek, I heard your voice gentle and meek. My hand reached out to touch your hair, but passed right through like you weren't there, Yet you were standing in the room you brightened up the dark and gloom. I felt your hand as you reached down, In tears of joy I almost drown, I could not touch but I could see, and then you spoke these words to me- "Hey, dry those tears, I'm ok Dad, I hate to see you down and sad, I'm there with you, I'm still the same, I'm by your side - just call my name. Each night you come and say a prayer, I know you do because I'm there, I watch you sleep - each breath you take, Watch over you till you awake. Although our lives are lived apart, I'm always near, close to your heart, I'll guide you till you're here with me, Together for eternity." With that you knelt and kissed my cheek, my heart beat stronger... not so weak, as for one moment we were one then I awoke and you were gone. I woke next morning full of joy, but had my dream been a decoy? to lure me from my state of gloom, were you still with me in that room? Began to feel once more so bleak, then put my hand up to my cheek, it was still wet where kiss was light, You'd really come to me last night! Rest in peace my darling Vickie, miss you so much, love you xxxxxxxxxx

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