• harveyvickie

Just Thoughts

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

I sit here all alone with thoughts

in T shirt and a pair of shorts,

I sit alone,

The Grass my throne,

Looking on the land

Here on my own under the sun,

I watch the hares and rabbits run,

Watch youngsters playing having fun,

Thinking life is grand.

In the distance steeple towers

gardens full of Summer flowers,

Heavy traffic,

Oh so graphic,

Rumbles through my town,

If I could I'd close the road,

make them take their heavy load

from houses near my dear abode

Stop them falling down!

Noise and pollution would decrease

and leave my neighbours there in peace,

No more strife,

Our quiet life

would soon return

and I could sit here all alone,

in peace near where my seeds are sown

watch o'er my children till they've grown

But they will never learn

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