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Imaginations of Childhood

Imaginations were rife when I was quite young

assemblies in halls ensured school hymns were sung.

Most girls saw the Heads cloak sweeping down the aisle

but the young boys saw Batman putting on the style.

Girls would do handstands showing their pants

they also loved skipping you’d hear their chants’

‘One potato, two potatoes, three potatoes four

five potatoes, six potatoes, seven potatoes more.

Playgrounds were a racetrack – a massive battlefield

a place where the baddies would cower and yield,

To Robin Hood imposters or false Ivanhoe’s

or perhaps William Tell kept them on their toes.

Sewing was for girls and gardening for the boys

then at hometime the corridors filled up with noise,

The fun really started when you rushed in from school

over Mum’s homemade baking you’d sit and you’d drool.

Though we didn’t imagine Mum going without food

‘I’ll be having mine later’ she always argued,

But we never went without, were always well fed

Mum could make a meagre meal look like a banquet spread

Tate & Lyle sugar sprinkled over a buttie

rushing to get out for a quick game of footy,

Because the last one out was always in goal

and that wet laced up case ball could destroy your soul

There was fun to be had wherever we went

swimming in the cut or sleeping in a tent.

Paths were for hopscotch and walls for ball games

lamp posts were for climbing and the top was our aim.

We’d climb iron railings or squeeze ourselves through

make our own bow and arrows from the churchyard yew,

You could climb up a tree, become quite poetical

‘I’m king of the castle you’re a dirty rascal.’

I played kiss chase with the girls, but only once

big brother called me stupid and hit me on the bonce,

We would play out for ages, no worries for Mum

because when we were hungry she knew that we’d come.

No watches on our wrists we went home at twilight

if we were inside by dark then things were alright,

Then last thing at night whilst asleep in our beds

Imaginations ran wild inside our heads.

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