• harveyvickie

Guardian Angels

Tearstained Angels watch over us,  Angels don't like to make a fuss,  But when they see us doing wrong,  They descend, in Heavenly throng.  They walk beside us every day,  Keep us safe, take fears away,  If you've a problem, they are there  Because they're loving and they care.  Guardian Angels aren't the same,  Guardian Angels know your name,  At your side, twenty four seven,  They come to you, fresh from Heaven.  Normally, someone you hold dear,  Someone you've lost, a loved one near,  A Nan or Granddad, Nephew or Niece,  A family member, now at peace.  A loving Daughter, or a Son,  Guardians can't be just anyone,  I hope mine's Vickie, here at my side,  To stay, until, I too have died.  That's when I'll see her once again,  She'll be there, take away my pain,  I'll see her standing as she waits,  To guide me through those pearly gates.

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