• harveyvickie

Garden of Remembrance

For Vickie – our rose.

This garden of remembrance where Tulips and wild flowers dance, so quiet where your ashes lie except for trains that shuffle by.

This garden where we spent our days next to the field where cows would graze, Where sedge and sorrel fought for room amidst the lavenders perfume.

'Twas there we sowed our own wild seeds our bodies lay - crushing the weeds, Chrysanthemums and roses red lay next to us in their own bed.

The Alliums and Lilies grow above the bindweed down below, While Dahlias and Asters kiss By Poppies and Bearded iris.

Cosmos to attract the bees Salvias next to pink sweet peas, Angelica and Lupins bloom leave Asters struggling for room.

The path where slugs and snails trailed where some lay crushed - their dreams curtailed, of reaching Hosta's heart shaped leaves stealing small bites like slimy thieves.

The Jasmine climbing painted wall white scented flowers calling all the insects, birds and bees from the nearby apple trees.

Warm evenings spent hand in hand our dreams weren't grand but well planned, Six children would be raised right here In tranquilness and far from fear.

'Twas here we raised our loving brood, next to the field where cud was chewed, They grew and left the family nest with their own children they were blessed.

Then, you became so ill, so frail your skin turned grey so very pale, The doctor said ' There's nought to do' tumours had taken hold of you.

I held your hand that summer day as cancer took your life away, A flood of tears flowed down my face and this became a lonely place.

Our children visit. endless hours say their prayers, bring you flowers, Grandchildren that you never knew through parents have strong love for you.

And me? I sit here with my dreams our garden now has changed it seems To a garden of remembrance where tulips and wild flowers still dance.

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