• harveyvickie

Four in the Morning

My dream

It’s four in the morning I’m awake again

with thoughts of you going through my head,

How much longer this anguish this awful pain

how long must I walk this path of dread.

I try to remember the good times we had

to recall them all here in my mind’

Remember how you hated things that were sad

because you were so loving, so kind.

I will never ever be afraid to die

to say goodbye to this sad old world,

For I know you’ll be waiting up there in the sky

waiting to greet me with arms unfurled.

Your words

Oh Dad please don’t think of me in this sad way

think of me as if I were still there,

For I walk beside you each and every day

I’m that silent footstep on the stair.

Yes, there were lots of things I wanted to do

and I’m missing you all – miss your love,

But now I’m your angel watching over you

giving you strength and love from above.

So don’t be in a hurry to join me up here

look after Mum and the family,

Where I am It is beautiful, no sadness or fear

be glad and smile when you think of me.


It was then that I woke from slumber so deep

words entered my head without warning,

I looked at the clock through eyes half asleep

it was exactly four in the morning!

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