• harveyvickie

First Day

She rose at 5am that morn, Plain cotton blouse did not adorn the long black dress, which first time worn o'er black laced boots and tender corn.

Opened the drapes , caught early sun, Combed long black hair into a bun. First day at school would be such fun, her duties there she would not shun.

Threw cotton nightdress on bedpost, down squeaking stairs to waiting host, Her mother in pride overdosed, awaited her with tea and toast.

Excitement built on her first day, spent all breakfast chatting away. Mother said "It will be okay" hoping her face did not betray.

Then out into the cobbled street, past terraced houses nice and neat, nodding politely to the sweet playing children, new shoes on feet.

Her heart was pounding oh so fast! as eyes upon rough places cast, past children of a different caste, and then - she saw the school at last!

Inside - the dark green bottle walls, where the cockroach lives and crawls, But she knew well that duty calls as she entered those hallowed halls.

The children looked her up and down, then with a smile - not with a frown, Spoke these first words in her hometown, "Good morning class - now settle down".

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