• harveyvickie

Father's day

Tea and Toast

I lay there this morning dreaming in my bed Beautiful thoughts of you going through my head Staring at the closed door I see you holding a tray Of hot tea and toast on Father's day The memories returned and a tear filled my eye remembering your childhood from years gone by I don't want to wake, I want dreams to stay If I wake they'll disappear on this Father's day Memories of burnt toast and lukewarm tea Sweet visions of you come flooding back to me Your little face watching as I munch my way Through cold tea and toast on Father's day Now all I have left is last year's card I'm trying to be brave, but God it's hard I'm awake now and a first tear makes its way down the card you gave me last Father's day The pain fills my head, stays here in my heart It's been there every day that we've been apart I still don't understand why God took you away I just know I miss you this first Father's day

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