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Elsie and Nellie in 1966

I remember old Elsie and Nelly

they frequented the Rose and Crown,

Elsie drank bottles of Guinness

while Nelly drank bottles of Brown

followed by a whiskey to wash it all down.

Well, the world cup was on in sixty six

when Elsie was near eighty two,

That day England played the Germans

they both dressed in red white and blue

because those girls were British, through and through.

‘They destroyed our new fish shop’ said Nelly

‘Who’s they?’ came Elsie's reply,

‘The Germans’ said Nell, ‘Knocked it down flat

with a buzz bomb from way up high,

if the engine hadn’t stopped it’d have passed right by’.

‘That’s how they were made’ said Fred from nowhere,

as he puffed on his pipe in the snug,

‘They were made to drop on London

and were known as a doodle bug

I fought in that war’ he said, giving his shoulders a shrug

'He never left these shores' whispered Nelly

the TV on the bar flickered and rolled,

'He was in the catering call,

His food was never hot, always cold

Killed more with his cooking I was told'.

A massive groan went up in the bar

Germany had scored a goal,

But Nelly continued unperturbed,

'Used to cook with hands as black as coal

never knew what was in his casserole!'

Minutes later another roar from the bar

Geoff Hurst had just levelled the score,

A lovely header back of the net

The whole of Wembley was in uproar

At half time the Marines played some more.

'I like a man in uniform' said Elsie

'A man who can play a good tune.'

For fifteen minutes the band played on,

then the second half came all too soon

On that warm sunny July afternoon.

Both teams were cagey from the start

for a time nothing happened at all,

Except Elsie and Nelly went off to the loo

Just as Martin Peters kicked the ball

And the German goalkeeper missed his call!

Two one to England thirteen minutes to go,

Most of the players could feel the pain,

Jack Charlton gave a free kick away

and the Germans could see the gain

With just seconds to go they scored again!

Elsie and Nelly returned from the loo

'What's going on has it turned out nice?'

'It's a draw extra time' Fred mentioned

'We should have won easy to be concise'

'No problem' said Nelly we've beaten them twice

So extra time started, Charlton hit the post,

Then his next shot on goal went wide,

England scored a controversial goal,

Had the Russian linesman lied?

When he said the rebound hit the line inside.

But the Ref took his word, the score was three two

Geoff Hurst took a well-deserved bow,

The frustrated Germans all went forward

Geoff Hurst kicked the ball and how,

Into the net, 'They think it's all over - it is now'

Nelly took off her draws waved them in the air

Said.'Come on Else lets have a sup'

The dancing went on until the wee hours

This story is true would I sell you a pup?

The day Elsie and Nelly watched the World cup

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