• harveyvickie

Christmas, Past, Present and Future.


Each morning as I lie awake

I pray my soul the Lord to take

For memories are far too deep

to pray the Lord my soul to keep.

Good memories when you were here

to fill us all with Christmas cheer

But God above was all alone

and took you for his very own.

And though we know that you are near

each Christmas we are filled with fear

How will we cope without you there

sat, staring at an empty chair.


But cope we do- we all survive

remember when you were alive

Knelt down by the glistening tree

shaking presents trying to see.

On Christmas morn you’d wake to find

those presents Santa left behind

These memories all bring a tear

for you held Christmas time so dear


And now six Christmases unwind

our memories are all enshrined

For in our hearts you’ll always be

until God comes to set us free.

Then we can be together again

forget heartache – forget the pain

But now until our time is due

Merry Christmas Vickie we love you.

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