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Christmas Night

Christmas Night.

Twas almost dark with amber glow from the candle on the hearth below, Nothing was heard, hardly a sound except the clock recently wound.

A glass of milk and two mince pies were left for him as a surprise, They'd gone to bed but couldn't sleep yet now were both in slumber deep.

When a sprinkle from the chimney throat sprayed soot upon their little note, Asking for presents - gifts and things or anything that he might bring.

Then suddenly two feet appeared a fur lined coat and snow-white beard, Twas then that soot began to fall and out popped Santa - bag and all!

He looked around brushing himself noticed the stockings on the shelf, Then from his sack he pulled a horse it wasn't real, but rocked of course!

A dolls house for the little girl with sweet blue eyes and golden curls, He drank the milk, ate the mince-pies then silently said his goodbyes.

Next morning screams of joy were heard as dreams and wishes were answered, They knew he'd come, they had no fear for they'd been good throughout the year.

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