• harveyvickie

Christmas Morning

It's Christmas morn and you're not here My heart it cries a silent tear I look above and to you I pray Give me strength, help me through today.

Christmas was your time of the year for you the shopping held no fear, Your presents wrapped beneath the tree Lovingly wrapped for the family.

Your smiling face looks out at me Your beauty there for all to see, You're telling me I must be strong Just like I have been all year long.

To just keep faith and carry on, Until this daunting day is gone It's hard to be strong as you grieve When there's no God, you don't believe.

I know in spirit you're still here Already helped me through this year So all I'm asking as again I pray Is that you'll help me through today.

Stay close to us, just be around Watch quietly in the background To know you're there should we call will be your present to us all.

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