• harveyvickie

Blossoms and Benches

Do you remember when we first sat on that wheelback bench beside the stream, We’d only just met – stopped for a chat we talked and talked, got on like a dream.

You took out a flask, offered me tea It was hot and quite sweet I recall, We crossed the bridge, sat beneath the tree as the cherry blossom started to fall.

I was a Pilot at a nearby base and the cold winds of war were looming, We fell in love in that special place we kissed – our love was all consuming.

Promised to meet the following night at the tea dance in the town hall, We both knew it was love at first sight kissed goodnight and I felt ten feet tall.

But the following day we flew out I couldn’t call you to let you know, The only thing I could think about was letting you down, leaving you low.

Three years passed before I returned I went to our spot every day’ Sat on our bench got more concerned as the days and the weeks slipped away.

I had given up hope – decided not to go there anymore, but then just thought I’ll give it one last shot, I knew I had to, knew I must.

Pink blossom again regaled our tree falling softly upon green grass When I saw you there, waiting for me and our lips touched again at long last.

I took your hand, slipped on the ring we were married the following day, We went through life – a sixty year fling three lovely children coming our way.

And now I sit here on wheelback bench holding you tight my eyes full of tears, Your ashes in my closed fist I clench then cast them in the place we held so dear.

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