• harveyvickie

An Angel Visits.

An Angel came to me last night

on the eve of your birthday,

At twenty minutes before midnight

as I knelt down to pray,

An orange light came o’er the room

it blinded both my eyes

An Angel with a long white plume

descended from the skies

A calmness swept right over me

and lightened my old heart

I looked above and saw you Vickie

my eyes began to smart,

I was speechless, couldn’t say a thing

thought I was in a dream,

I heard a choir of Angels sing

God’s own heavenly theme

You touched me and my pain was gone

I felt I was afloat

You stayed with me until the dawn

wrapped round me like a coat

I drifted off into deep sleep

I woke, you weren’t in sight

But my dream I will forever keep

of an Angel’s stay last night.

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