• harveyvickie

A Warm Welcome

Hello dear friends and welcome all. I hope my garden will enthrall, Allow me...in my seventieth year, To show the thing I hold most dear. Just through the trellised concave gate, A world of shrubs and flowers wait, White summerhouse that stands serene, Among the foliage so green. Down brick path lay white Hydrangeas, That carry scent to passing strangers, When stepping on the chamomile, Sweet smell of apples leaves a smile. The ox-eye daisies are straight ahead, Alongside dahlias in their bed, While blue lavender emits perfume, Beneath the golden rods in bloom. It's here in this sequestered place, In God's own garden, full of grace, I took her hand...fell to one knee, And asked my love to marry me. 'Twas fifty years ago today, And one year since she passed away, I now sit here in transience, In our garden of remembrance.

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