• harveyvickie

A Victorian Christmas

The Wassailers came and sang Christmas song. As we stood there upon our porch, They sang as a choir - a heavenly throng, They sang by the light of a torch. The air was quite cold and gave gentle breeze, Sounds of 'Silent Night' filled the air, The last flurry of snow clinging to trees, Sprinkled onto the young girl's hair. My children around me - wife at my side, We served them hot food and drink, Then bidding farewell, we slipped back inside, With firm handshake, nod and a wink. Past our Christmas tree, a merry display, Strewn with candles.. fruit and sweets, We'll all stand around it Christmas day, Exchanging our presents and treats. Back to the fireside so warm and bright, Spitting and crackling in the room, It will keep us warm well into the night, Bring cheer in the evening gloom. We'll throw on more wood to guard against chill, And listen to the church bells ring, Of port and mince pies have more than our fill, As we sit together and sing. Till children are tired and ready for bed, Too excited to ever sleep, But they will nod off.. those young sleepy heads, Then into their bedroom we'll creep. To pin their stockings upon the bed post, With presents placed under the tree, We'll creep out again like Marley's ghost, Then off to bed for wife and me. Though we love them all ... asleep and demure, When we arrive at Christmas morn, Of all that is life, one thing is for sure, They'll wake us at the crack of dawn!

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