• harveyvickie

A slugs life.

Unwanted and unwelcome we stalk

the very places you have to walk.

Leaving tell-tale signs with slimy track

Well, we’re seeking revenge and payback

for those mini blue pellets that kill

spread on the soil, left there until

we crawl away to die alone

in your undergrowth well overgrown

Sometimes you bring a torch late at night

creep down the path, giving is a fright,

Then you scrape us up into a tin

freeze us till dead, throw us into the bin

Encouraging the hedgehogs to thrive

simply because they eat us alive.

Well, enough is enough, this is war

We’re going to eat your plants forevermore!

Your tulips, delphiniums and hostas our prize

Gerberas will disappear before your eyes,

We’ll eat the tubers of new-sown peas

potato’s and lettuce attacked with ease,

We’ll all gang together to clear your plot

and eat most everything you’ve got

Those little blue pellets are your downfall

Spread them well, because you won’t get us all!

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