• harveyvickie

A Picture of Life

All of life is only a piece of Art, A lot of patience, a beautiful heart, produces a portrait of your family, paintings of life, for everyone to see. Select your colours well, your brushes too, Paint little girls pink and little boys blue, Paint Mother and Father as two strong Oaks, your family painting, built with loving strokes Children are painted a nice shade of gold, Tangerine Grandkids added to the fold, All Grandparents painted a nice cool grey, enjoy family life, as you paint away. Paint evil envy a nice acid green, then tone it down, it should never be seen, Your temper should be a nice crimson red, or if really annoyed, deep crimson instead. Antique bronze for holidays on the beach, don't like the sun? then a nice shade of peach, or lying down under blueberry sky, on electric green grass, watch the world go by. A lovely burnt orange as you grow old, paint retirement, a brilliant old gold, sit down, relax in mahogany chair, bittersweet memories will keep you safe there. Paint your last resting place a coffee brown. for peace and calmness, as you're put down, if you're cremated, burnt umber will do, then your painting is finished, and so are you! Or are you?

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