• harveyvickie

A Love Forsaken

Thou hast forever lived within my heart, Thy beauty, thy charm for suitors to see, Now, a rival, a young vibrant upstart, attempts to stifle thy passion for me. Thou must repulse this ungainly advance Snuff out ardor as flickering candle, Battles breeze, at open window perchance to subsist a moment more in a lull. Thou art as delicate as flimsy flame, I'll protect thee, wrap my cupped hands around, If you desist from playing childish game, My speech will acquire a more pleasant sound. Your reply tho' delayed, answered must be, Lest candle's snuffed out and flame dies in me.

Her Reply

I would never foresake thee, I am thine, I have repulsed his ungainly advance, It is for your love, my heart it doth pine, Mine eyes did not give the upstart a glance. Our candle will burn all others will see, through open window, the candle alight, My devotion, my love, will burn and will be, My desire, my soul, will keep candle bright. I abstain from childish pastime with thee, I need thee to protect, look to my heart, Thy kiss, thy love, thy hands laid upon me, in life and in love, till death us do part. I have not delayed, I have now replied, Our candle will burn, till I am your bride.

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