• harveyvickie

A Lifetime of Love ( reminiscing)

When winter chills me to the bone, as I am sitting here alone, I think of you and starry nights, days of sun - endless delights. That season of the sweet wild rose. when you were dressed from head to toes, In purest white for all to see, your love grew in the heart of me. Our torch of love dispelled the gloom, as we lay there - in that dark room, Our heaving hearts and panting breast, two birds inside our own love nest. Strange fits of passion we have known, love cannot grow by lust alone, And so two hearts entwined as one, dear God, I miss you now you're gone! Our love hung still, over our bed, when we were fifty years ahead, My torch it shone, only for you, but now you're gone - what will I do? I'll carry on just like before, pretending you'll walk through that door, Hold on to hope, forget the pain until above.. we meet again.

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