• harveyvickie

A Life full of Love

She took it from the proffered tray A pile of dirt held in her hand Why God had taken him this way Dolly could never understand.

She threw it softly on the lid As if afraid to waken him A crumpled rose from view was hid Her future now looked very grim.

Saying goodbye to his two friends Thanked them for attending today George said that 'friendship never ends' And he'd nothing to do anyway!

Dolly scowled at him, shook her head Adjusted the old black hat she'd found In the dusty box beneath the bed Then heading homeward, she was bound.

What would she do without her Ted He had always seen to everything How would she sleep alone in bed Would she hear the alarm bell ring.

Turning the key in the front door It seemed so quiet in the hall The noise of ticking, Nothing more That ticking clock upon the wall.

Filling the kettle making tea Reaching up for the silver tray Placing two cups absent-mindedly Taking one, putting it away.

Hands trembling she sat in the chair Tears made tracks down her wrinkled face She needed Ted, wished he was there Placing cup on doily of lace.

She took off her glasses, rubbed her eyes She'd had a long day and was tired Two turning up had been a surprise Both men that Ted had admired.

They'd fought together during the war Watched out for each other in life They were with Ted the night before He had taken her for his wife.

She fell into a slumber so deep A deep sleep that was unplanned She could see a staircase very steep Ted stood there, holding out his hand.

Their eyes met and fingers touched Holding each other they kissed Turning around hands tightly clutched Climbed the stairway into the mist.

She was found dead ten days later she had passed away in her sleep She was sent alone to her creator There was no one else left to weep.

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