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A Letter to Vickie

This whole category is dedicated to our daughter Vickie whom we lost to cancer in December 2013, I have written many poems about her but this was the very first, i wrote it the day after she passed away.

Hello Vickie my darling, we’re sending you love as you sit with the rest of our family above, we hope you’ve seen Barnsey and he looks after you we hope you’re with your grandparents too.

Down here we’re trying to get on with life but we’re missing you so much, it cuts like a knife, even though you’re in heaven you’re still here as well as we walk round this house, we can feel, we can tell.

You’ll never leave us, you’ll always be here we just close our eyes and your face will appear, you're with us all night as we sleep and we dream you’re walking beside us, or so it would seem.

We can hear you giggle, your infectious laugh can see your footsteps embedded in the path, we see you in the garden relaxing in the sun see you lay in your bed when a hard day is done.

Wherever we go into whichever room we can feel your presence, smell your perfume, you brought so much joy in twenty four years you made us so happy yet filled us with tears.

You’re everywhere, you’re all over the house bedroom filled with micky and Minnie mouse said you were returning to your second childhood but we now know you were returning to God.

We’re sorting through photos, to put on a screen we see from these memories how happy you’ve been, so happy and loving you laugh all the while we can’t find a picture where you don’t have a smile.

When you were in hospital, in so much pain you never once moaned, you never complained, your friends didn’t know, they hadn’t a clue you didn’t want to bother them, just like you.

Messages of condolence say we didn’t know but we’re sure you wouldn’t want tears to flow, you just bore your illness, you were so dignified when we talked of you our chests swelled with pride.

The grandkids all miss you in different ways except little Hatton who just simply says when’s Vickie coming back, is she poorly again his mum sheds a tear as she tries to explain.

But Alisha, Mollie and young Mason too try to understand and send kisses to you. Ellen and Mark’s quiet, not much to say but Mark’s grieving for you in his own special way.

Sarah just weeps at the sound of your name Gary and Gemma are very much the same they all try to keep busy, like you’re still here just how much they all loved you is painfully clear.

Your friends came round Friday, had memories of you said that all their hearts were broken in two, they told your mum lots of things you’d done and for just a few hours your mums tears had gone.

And me, I just sit there as tears fill my eye and my mind is flooded with good days gone by I look everywhere and you’re standing there I think bad people are alive, and it just isn’t fair.

But these thoughts don’t last long, i think instead Vickie wouldn’t like that, as you return to my head, you were always so kind, found good in everyone for you it never rained, the sun always shone.

Anyway, we must go now, we have to say goodbye we’ll soon be there with you, the years will just fly we’ll come up to heaven, join our own little girl you’ll be stood there waiting with arms unfurled.

There’s just one more thing before you finally go don’t ever forget how much we all loved you so writing this letter has been tearful, painful and sad but just remember we love you.

your mum and dad

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