• harveyvickie

A Last Wish (Henry VIII)

My heart it burns, you set it afire Would any God deny us our needs Tonight to please you I will aspire In your welcome womb I'll plant my seed Remove that pink gown, feel my desire Come morrow I wed her unpedigreed. My body shakes, it trembles for you Lay down your love thy wonderous form Kiss me, on this our last rendezvous Harbour my soul from this heavy storm Tomorrow you're gone, this is adieu Lie with me my love, my arms are warm. Convenient marriage I cannot thwart My kingdom's finances being dire I care naught for her, you have my heart 'Tis thee alone fills me with desire As fools we met, as fools we must part Though tonight a baby I will sire. This evening we will make love as one I'll give you my all, it'll be so grand And you will provide me with a son Then when this hussy becomes too bland I will get my divorce, she will be gone and you will become Queen of England.

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